UEE32211 – Certificate III in Air conditioning and Refrigeration – RPL

27 May UEE32211 – Certificate III in Air conditioning and Refrigeration – RPL

If you have a wide range of experience as an air conditioning & refrigeration mechanic but haven’t completed your qualification for whatever reason, than you’re in the right place. Maybe you’ve migrated here and have been struggling how you can get licensed without being stuck in a TAFE class for another couple of years!

Getting your experience and skills converted into a nationally recognised qualification isn’t as daunting as it sounds, but will require some commitment on your part. We will help you attain the right qualification and subjects you need for your contractor’s licence.

What's involved?

1. Free Skills Assessment

You need to have valid industry experience in order to qualify for this RPL program. When you first touch base, we will help you identify your skills and advise on whether this qualification is right for you. As a rule of thumb if you have more than 4 years experience in your field, then you are likely to be eligible OR any of the following:

  • a crafts certificate
  • a TRC from Trades Recognition Australia
  • completed partial studies in Australia
  • an overseas qualification and/or licence.
2. Evidence Portfolio
  • Valid Identification
  • list showing relevant employment history
  • work samples and documents (such as tender documents, invoices, quotations, plans, sketches etc)
  • letter of employment
  • reference letters from licensed employers you have worked with
  • photos and videos of your work
  • overseas qualifications
  • related licenses, short courses, accreditation, certificates, transcripts or assessments you have attained
  • Apprenticeship papers (if available)
3. Skills Check
  1. You will be having a conversation covering questions for each unit with our qualified assessor
  2. The assessor may choose to also perform a practical observation.
  3. Where gap training is required, you will need to complete theory or practical assessments as required. Theory components can be completed from home and practical components can be completed at your work site.
4. Qualified!

All certificates are Nationally Recognised and issued by a Qualify Me! partner college. Now you can grab that licence!


Upon successful completion of this rpl program you will be awarded a nationally recognised qualification in:

Certificate III in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration



Scope of work

Air conditioning work involves installing, maintaining and servicing an air-conditioning system (other than a self-contained single-phase plug-in domestic air-conditioning system) in a structure, building, vessel, container or railway vehicle

Refrigeration  work involves installing, maintain and service a refrigeration system (other than a self-contained single-phase plug-in domestic refrigeration system) in a structure, building, vessel, container or vehicle

Qualifications required

UEE32211 Certificate III in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Accessed 14/7/16 from: NSW Fair Trading air conditioning and refrigeration contractor’s licence


Scope of work

  • Install, commission, service or repair refrigeration, air conditioning, mechanical ventilation and air handling systems for a building
  • Design and prepare plans and specifications for:
    • refrigeration systems for a building, or
    • air conditioning and mechanical ventilation and air handling systems for a building:
      • that is not more than 3 storeys, and
      • that has a floor area of not more than 2000m², and
      • for which the plant capacity for any 1 system for the building is not more than 34kW
      • that do not form part of a fire or smoke hazard management system for the building
    • but, only if the plans and specifications are:
      • for the licensee’s personal use, or
      • for use in building work to be performed by the licensee personally.

Qualifications required

UEE32211 Certificate III in Air conditioning and Refrigeration

Plus Approved Managerial Course

Accessed on 14/7/16 from: QBCC air conditioning and refrigeration contractor’s licence


Scope of work

Refrigerated Airconditioning work is conducted in domestic, commercial and industrial environments, to provide desired heating and cooling requirements.

Experience required

Installing and commissioning airconditioning systems

Testing airconditioning systems for leaks and undertaking appropriate repairs or alterations

Maintaining and repairing airconditioning systems and components

Completing required compliance documentation about handling gases.

Qualification required

UEE3221 Certificate III in Airconditioning and Refrigeration

Accessed 14/7/16 from: VIC air conditioning and refrigeration contractor’s licence


Not licensed in this jurisdiction.

Accessed 14/7/16 from: ACT air conditioning and refrigeration Licence


Not licensed in this jurisdiction.

Accessed 14/7/16 from: WA air conditioning and refrigeration Licence


Scope of work

The laying of all forms of manufactured brick or blocks with no restriction in height or class of building. Does not include stone masonry. Includes undersetting.


Qualifications required

Trade Certificate OR

Interview with Building work supervisor

Accessed on 14/7/16 from: SA CBS air conditioning and refrigeration contractor’s licence


Not licensed in this jurisdiction.

Accessed 14/7/16 from: TAS air conditioning and refrigeration Licence


Not licensed in this jurisdiction.

Accessed 14/7/16 from: NT air conditioning and refrigeration licence

Can I apply?

This RPL and trade skills recognition program is available to tradesmen with local experience or local students that have completed partial studies in Australia. We also have programs to help migrants fast-track their qualifications providing they have relevant experience, qualifications and well aware of the Australian standards and requirements.

Ready to start?

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  • Salen Prakash
    Posted at 01:46h, 07 April Reply

    Hi I have already done certificate 2 now I want to do certificate 3 I want to know how much it will cost and what qualifications I need and how long it will take to finish really appreciate thanks

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 02:13h, 07 April Reply

      Hi Salen,

      To be eligible for the Cert III RPL program, you will need to have at least 5 years experience in the trade, working under a licensed Air-conditioning and refrigeration technician.

      I will have one of our Course Advisors give you a call, and after a quick chat he will be able to let you know if this program is for you.

      Will be in touch soon!

  • Sebastian
    Posted at 15:30h, 23 April Reply

    Hi, I have an overseas Bachelor degree in Refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning engineering (HVAC-R) and 8 years of professional experience in the industry, I’m interested in acquiring the arctick refrigerant handling license. what steps do I have to follow to achieve that goal?

    Best Regards
    Sebastian V

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 02:54h, 04 May Reply

      Hi Sebastian,

      It will depend on the type of work you would like to undertake.

      Please see the link attached to the Arctick website which has a list of the types of licenses available, the requirements for each:

  • Keith Hounslow
    Posted at 02:16h, 28 April Reply

    I am a qualified A grade electrician and have held a contractors licence. I have had my own business and both supervised and worked on large air conditioning projects for over 20 years plus. I wish to obtain my licence to work on single and multi head split systems. I can get a licensed Plumbing contractor to sign off my work experience. How can you assist me? What are the associated costs?

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 02:35h, 04 May Reply

      Hi Keith,

      It sounds like you have a lot of relevant experience in the industry. However, we will need you to provide some references from licensed Air condition and refrigeration technicians covering at least 5 years of experience, a long with workplace evidence from your experience. A course advisor will give you a call to confirm your eligibility for our program.

  • Daniel Varadi
    Posted at 05:23h, 07 May Reply

    Hello, i’ve been working for almost 5 years in the relevent field and can supply pictures ect of work and documentation from employers, how ever my question is, how long will this process take and what are the costs ?
    Regards Daniel

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 23:52h, 07 May Reply

      Hi Daniel,

      The process duration will vary depending on your past experience, your effort, and how much time you invest into the program. For a skills assessment and cost, please call 1800 765 295 and ask to speak to one of our course advisors and they will be more than happy to assist you.

  • ben belcher
    Posted at 12:16h, 16 May Reply

    i have completed a weeks course in aircons bach in 1997 when we were still using r12 would this be recognised or do i have to do another course

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 02:27h, 17 May Reply

      Hi Ben,

      Due to the fact that it is 20 years old, I would say you would need to update that. But that is up to your state licensing regulator to decide.

      If you are in NSW, please contact the Office of Fair Trading, they will be able to advise you whether you are eligible for a licence with this qualification.

  • Thagaran Chetty
    Posted at 14:12h, 18 June Reply


    I would like to apply rpl for cert 3 in refrigeration

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 02:09h, 20 June Reply

      Hi Thagaran,

      A course advisor will be in touch to discuss this with you.

  • Run Mayek Neil
    Posted at 07:44h, 12 September Reply

    Hi My name’s Run Neil
    Im just enquiry about the course of air conditioning
    Idid one year in TAFE nsw and drop out for some family reson

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 05:44h, 12 October Reply

      Hi Run,

      Unfortunately, our program is being updated at the moment. We will contact you once it is up and running.

  • Alex Duan
    Posted at 11:38h, 08 October Reply

    I had graduated from Sydney University and got the master degree of Professional Engineer in Mechanical in the year of 2015. Then I worked in an air-conditioning company as a installer and technic supporter for almost two years. I am interesting in licence of air condition and refrigeration. How can I get it ?

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 05:00h, 12 October Reply

      Hi Alex,

      Unfortunately, for our program, we require 4-5 years experience as it is a Recognition of Prior learning process.

  • Garey Larce
    Posted at 02:19h, 12 December Reply

    I would just like to inquire how to apply for a skills assessmwnt or RPL as I have 15 years of experienced in the field of heating ventialation and air-conditioning (hvac). I alao graduated a 1 year hvac course in ashworth college united states aside from my bachelor of science in mechanical engineering. Would it be posible to qualify in RPL or skillsassessment.
    Garry Larce

  • Joshua
    Posted at 12:48h, 08 January Reply

    Hi I have completed a 4 year apprenticeship in air conditioning and refrigeration in the uk and have 10 years experience I need to get licenses for my visa

  • Jack Ang
    Posted at 08:05h, 11 April Reply

    I have 3 and half years working experience in air conditioning industry. May I have a RPL text books in advance before I start the RPL course later.

  • Anthony Portelli
    Posted at 01:44h, 01 July Reply

    Hi I am a qualified electrician and have done a split system course. I have an arctic licence (RTA & RHL)
    I have worked in air conditioning industry for 10 years and would like to be licensed to install systems greater than 18 kw, multi split systems and VRF air conditioners what will I need to do to be able to install these air conditioners

  • winston steeve pereira
    Posted at 06:31h, 31 July Reply

    Hi, I have an overseas REFRIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING 2 years Diploma HVAC-R and 9 years of professional experience in the industry, I’m interested in acquiring the arctick refrigerant handling license. what steps do I have to follow to achieve that goal?

  • Winston Steve Pereira
    Posted at 01:22h, 29 August Reply

    Hi I am an AIRCONDITIONING and refrigeration technician ( trade certification from india) with 9 years of experience outside Australia I wanted to obtain AUSTRALIA education certificate with Arctik license

  • Sébastien
    Posted at 00:04h, 02 May Reply

    Hi there,
    I do have French Aircon qualification equivalent to a cert IV according to skill recognition South Australia (proof available). I currently have a NSW Builder and Elctricain Licence. Could I be eligible to get my fridgey licence via the rpl pathway?

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 12:38h, 02 May Reply

      Hello Sébastien,

      Unfortunately, we do not have the UEE32211 – Certificate III in Air conditioning and Refrigeration – RPL available. You may visit for more information on your enquiry.

  • jasvinder singh
    Posted at 09:06h, 28 June Reply

    hi ‘
    I have more than 5 years of experience in handling industrial refrigerant (ammonia) , I also have certificate III IN ENGINEERING MECHENICAL TRADE. is it possible for me to get cert III in air conditioning and refrigeration?

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 12:25h, 28 June Reply

      Hello Jasvinder,

      At the moment the program is being revised so we are not enrolling for it. We will however give you a call once the review is finished and we are able to enrol you.

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