CPC30111 – Certificate III in Bricklaying – RPL

28 May CPC30111 – Certificate III in Bricklaying – RPL

If you have a wide range of experience as a bricklayer but haven’t completed your qualification for whatever reason, than you’re in the right place. Getting your bricklaying/trade skills recognised is simple, fast and headache free! We will help you attain the right units you need for a nationally recognised qualification and your Bricklaying contractor’s licence.

What's involved?

1. Free Skills Assessment

You need to have valid industry experience in order to qualify for this RPL program. When you first touch base, we will help you identify your skills and advise on whether this qualification is right for you. As a rule of thumb if you have more than 2 years experience in your field, then you are likely to be eligible.

2. Evidence Portfolio
  • Valid Identification
  • list showing relevant employment history
  • work samples and documents (such as tender documents, invoices, quotations, plans, sketches etc)
  • letter of employment
  • reference letters from licensed bricklayers you have worked with
  • photos and videos of your work
  • overseas qualifications
  • related licenses, short courses, accreditation, certificates, transcripts or assessments you have attained
  • Apprenticeship papers (if available)
3. Skills Check
  1. You will be having a conversation covering questions for each unit with our qualified assessor
  2. The assessor may choose to also perform a practical observation.
  3. Where gap training is required, you will need to complete theory or practical assessments as required. Theory components can be completed from home and practical components can be completed at your work site.
4. Qualified!

All certificates are Nationally Recognised and issued by a Qualify Me! partner college. Now you can grab that licence!


Upon successful completion of this rpl program you will be awarded a nationally recognised qualification in:

Certificate III in Bricklaying



Scope of work

Bricklaying work involves the erection of structures by assembly of a number individual masonry units referred to as either a brick or block.

Qualifications required

CPC30111 Certificate III in Bricklaying/Blocklaying

Accessed 12/7/16 from: NSW Fair Trading Bricklaying contractor’s licence


Scope of work

Brick or block construction, including surface preparation, build straight masonry steps and stairs with or without landings, laying segmental or unit paving, laying glass blocks, constructing battered masonry surfaces,installing prefabricated window or door frames. Concreting to simple forms, including installation of formwork, reinforcement and concrete


Qualifications required

CPC30111 Certificate III in Bricklaying

Plus Approved Managerial Course

Accessed on 12/7/16 from: QBCC Bricklaying contractor’s licence


Scope of work

This component of domestic building work is limited to brickwork and blocklaying for homes and associated class 10 structures. It involves carrying out brick or blockwork associated with the erection, construction, renovation, alteration, extension, improvement or repair of a building. It includes, but is not limited to, the construction of internal/external walls, isolated piers, arches, fireplaces, chimneys, concrete rendering to buildings and masonry fixtures, rammed earth or form cell construction, and mud brick footings to houses.

Experience required

In addition to the above list of general experience required by a person registered as a Domestic Builder, you must have capacity to carry out, manage or arrange the following activities in a competent manner and to a professional standard: · interpreting plans, drawings and specifications indicating the location and specification for brickwork or blockwork, types or grades of bricks, and mortar composition · setting out and levelling · preparing the surface · ordering materials, including bricks and mortar, according to specifications · undertaking manual and mechanical handling of bricks for construction · preparing, mixing and laying mortar · constructing battered masonry surfaces · repairing and maintaining clay bricks, cement blocks or bricks and related structures · concreting to simple forms, including installing formwork, reinforcement and concrete related to brickwork · completing base brickwork · establishing openings in brickwork, including to pin and prop openings and to place end bearing lintels · installing reinforcement for structural blockwork · applying damp proof courses · installing control joints · installing flashings · installing wall ties.

Relevant Qualification

Certificate III in Bricklaying


Accessed 12/7/16 from: Victoria Building Authority Bricklaying contractor’s licence


Not licensed in this jurisdiction.

Accessed 12/7/16 from: Canberra Bricklaying Licence


Not licensed in this jurisdiction.

Accessed 12/7/16 from: WA Bricklaying Licence


Scope of work

The laying of all forms of manufactured brick or blocks with no restriction in height or class of building. Does not include stone masonry. Includes undersetting.


Qualifications required

CPC30111 Certificate III in Bricklaying


Accessed on 12/7/16 from: SA CBS Bricklaying contractor’s licence


Not licensed in this jurisdiction.

Accessed 12/7/16 from: TAS Bricklaying Licence


Not licensed in this jurisdiction.

Accessed 12/7/16 from: NT Bricklaying Licence

Can I apply?

This RPL and trade skills recognition program is available to tradesmen with local experience or local students that have completed partial studies in Australia. We also have programs to help migrants fast-track their qualifications providing they have relevant experience, qualifications and well aware of the Australian standards and requirements.

Ready to start?

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  • Nicholas Edward Frankish
    Posted at 04:01h, 01 April Reply

    Hi I have a first year in cert three in bricklaying/blocklaying and have been in the industrie for over 10 years. Just wondering what is involved in achieving on getting my trade ticket for W.A. Kind Regards Nicholas Frankish

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 02:11h, 02 April Reply

      In WA there is currently no licensing body governing bricklaying contractors. However, builders and developers will generally only hire ‘qualified’ bricklayers.
      National licensing initiative by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) back in 2008, agreed to introduce a national licensing system with the principal goal of reforming existing regulatory requirements and processes.

      Legislation was introduced to form a National Occupational Licensing Authority (NOLA), whereby they could maintain and administer a public register of all trade licensees. This system has been created as an important tool for clients and builders when selecting licensed tradesman to undertake work.
      To date, there is yet to be a national licensing authority that has been implemented to regulate licensing nationally. With the right qualification however, you know you will be set when this eventuates.

  • Alyce S bufton
    Posted at 13:17h, 28 June Reply

    I’m new to this industry I wanna be a bricklayer how do i start out where can I go to get help what course should I do first

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 00:44h, 23 October Reply

      Hi Alyce,

      Unfortunately, this program is RPL which is Recognition of Prior Learning. We will require you to have a minimum of 3 years experience in the industry to be eligible for this.

      Please give us a call on 1800 765 295 to discuss other options.

  • Tom Roo
    Posted at 00:50h, 13 November Reply

    Hi, I have been Bricklaying since 2007 in Ireland, but due to the economic recession I couldn’t finish my apprenticeship although I did then travel to the UK to continue to work as a Bricklayer. I am an experienced Bricklayer but don’t have any official certificate. I note in your course description that you mention you do have a training route for potential migrants. I am currently based in Ireland but I intend on migrating to Australia but would obviously need trade certification before making my application, can your firm help out with this? Thank you!

  • Pedzisai Mponda
    Posted at 01:47h, 04 March Reply

    Is this certification or qualification acceppted by Trade Recognition Australia (TRA)

  • Pedzisai Mponda
    Posted at 01:50h, 04 March Reply

    Is the certificate accepted by the Trade Recognition Australia

  • Juan Sebastian Ramirez
    Posted at 12:38h, 07 March Reply

    Hi, I have been working 3 years already in the bricklaying industry, when i first start was labouring just mixing mud and helping the bricklayers in my team, 1.5 years ago I start laying bricks.
    i really want to be a qualify bricklayer. i need some help to get in there and get my qualification.
    i am living in melbourne. tahnk you for your help.

  • Michael Haug
    Posted at 03:13h, 16 June Reply

    Hi, I became a trade qualified bricklayer in 1982 after completing an apprenticeship with the then NSW Dept of public works.

    I have been out of the building industry since 2988 due to family business.

    I have been asked in recent times to do some bricklaying work for an owner builder. Do I qualify for this rpl program?

  • Gordon Smyth
    Posted at 22:08h, 18 February Reply

    Self employed brickie for 25 years now I need a piece if paper. How Mitch what’s involved and his long. Run my own gangs

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 09:30h, 19 February Reply

      Hello Gordon, A course advisor should be in touch with you real soon to cover off your situation and discuss our best price guarantee. 🙂

  • Rob Egberts
    Posted at 16:24h, 06 March Reply

    hi, I’m from Netherlands, I am for over 8 years in Australia , I have several Bricklaying certifications and I have worked the last 6 year’s in Australia as bricklabor and now I’m laying face, day in day out, I wish to get everything recognized as I have a sponsor offer, I do have all related papers like parsnips, letter of employment, English academic, etc, do you think you guys can help me out, or explain me more about the right approach, how long the process takes , as I am eager to do everything to be able to stay and live in Australia, I love it here, let me know Kibd regards rob

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 16:46h, 06 March Reply

      Hi Rob, If we haven’t already, one of our course advisors will give you a call.

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