SIT40716 – Certificate IV in Patisserie – RPL

13 Mar SIT40716 – Certificate IV in Patisserie – RPL

This qualification reflects the role of pastry chefs who have a supervisory or team leading role in the kitchen. They operate independently or with limited guidance from others and use discretion to solve non-routine problems.

Qualify Me! Patisserie RPL programs are available to patissier with a minimum of 3-4 years experience in the field or for those with overseas qualifications.

What's involved?

1. Free Skills Assessment

You need to have valid industry experience in order to qualify for this RPL program. When you first touch base, we will help you identify your skills and advise on whether this qualification is right for you. As a rule of thumb if you have more than 3 years experience in your field, then you are likely to be eligible.

2. Evidence Portfolio
  • Valid Identification
  • Resume: We need your resume showing details of your work history, job description including your duties and places you worked in.
  • list showing relevant employment history
  • letter of employment
  • reference letters: get a reference letter from your current & past employers detailing your job title, your duties, how long you worked there and any special skills you have. Reference letters should show approximately four (4) years experience (in total).
  • photos: The more photos you have the more skills you can show, approx 20 to 30 photographs are needed. You can present photos of special events you participated in. You may also take photos using different equipments , serving customers, preparation of desserts, presentation and the like.
  • videos: This is a great way to show off your skills, no more than 5 videos are required, each video no longer than 6 minutes each. In each video you will show your skills, serving customers, preparation of desserts and presentation.
  • a certified copy of your past qualification or transcript that you may have studied in the past. This includes any short courses such as first aid courses or your food safety supervisor (FSS) certificate
  • Other evidence: it’s a good idea to include any other documents as evidence, example: menu’s you wrote, special events (competitions), assignments or exam papers you completed in the past.
3. Skills Check
  1. You will be having a conversation covering questions for each unit with our qualified assessor
  2. The assessor may choose to also perform a practical observation.
  3. Where gap training is required, you will need to complete theory or practical assessments as required. Theory components can be completed from home and practical components can be completed at your work site.
4. Qualified!

All certificates are Nationally Recognised and issued by a Qualify Me! partner college. Now you can grab that licence!


Chef Patissier


• Create and bake breads to accompany different meals in restaurants

• Decorate cakes and baked goods according to requirements

• Plate desserts for serving

• Pair recommended desserts with appropriate wines, cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks, etc.

• Create cheese plateaus to complement a meal

• Creates baked goods for specific diets (gluten free, sugar free, diabetes-friendly, etc.)

• Inspect the quality of the ingredients and measure them for specific recipes

• Talk to suppliers and choose the ingredients needed for desserts and other baked goods

• Establish a budget for ingredient purchase

• Ensure that the kitchen equipment is in good conditions and meets all requirements

• Organise the kitchen staff and supervise while working

• Train the kitchen staff to meet imposed standards

• Hire necessary personnel so that the kitchen functions smoothly

• Organises and conducts tasting sessions for the waiting staff and for potential clients when the situation requires it

• Cleans the equipment and utensils and maintains the kitchen clean and in good order for proper functioning.

Chef de Partie


  • Manage a section within the kitchen with the assistance of a Demi Chef de Partie and Commis Chef.
  • Ensure that dishes are prepared and cooked according to the specific restaurant standards.
  • Managing the development and supervision of the Commis Chefs on the section, ensuring they are fully trained and understand their duties.
  • Ensure that stock is rotated and controlled within the specific section of the kitchen.
  • Ensure the cleaning schedule is adhered to and that cleaning tasks are delegated as appropriate.
  • Ensure full understanding of the functional administration of the restaurant.
  • Maintain a detailed Knowledge of the full menu and be able to explain dish descriptions.
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements under the H&S act 1974 and Food Hygiene.
  • Ensure all policies, procedures, standards and guidelines are carefully adhered to.


Upon successful completion of this RPL Program you will be awarded a nationally recognised qualification in:

Certificate IV in Patisserie

Study Pathways

Can I apply?

This RPL and skills recognition program is available to those with local experience or local students that have completed partial studies in Australia. We also have programs to help migrants fast-track their qualifications providing they have relevant experience, qualifications and well aware of the Australian standards and requirements.

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