CPC32612 – Certificate III in Roof Plumbing – RPL

28 May CPC32612 – Certificate III in Roof Plumbing – RPL

If you have a wide range of experience as a roof plumber but haven’t completed your qualification for whatever reason, than you’re in the right place. Getting your roof plumbing experience and skills converted into a nationally recognised qualification is simple, fast and headache free! We will help you attain the right qualification and subjects you need for your roof plumbing contractor’s licence.

What's involved?

1. Free Skills Assessment

You need to have valid industry experience in order to qualify for this RPL program. When you first touch base, we will help you identify your skills and advise on whether this qualification is right for you. As a rule of thumb if you have more than 2 years experience in your field, then you are likely to be eligible.

2. Evidence Portfolio
  • Valid Identification
  • list showing relevant employment history
  • work samples and documents (tender documents, invoices, quotations, plans, sketches etc)
  • letter of employment
  • reference letters from licensed roof plumbers you have worked with
  • photos and videos of your work
  • overseas qualifications
  • related licenses, short courses, accreditation, certificates, transcripts or assessments you have attained
  • Apprenticeship papers (if available)
3. Skills Check
  1. You will be having a conversation covering questions for each unit with our qualified assessor
  2. The assessor may choose to also perform a practical observation.
  3. Where gap training is required, you will need to complete theory or practical assessments as required. Theory components can be completed from home and practical components can be completed at your work site.
4. Qualified!

All certificates are Nationally Recognised and issued by a Qualify Me! partner college. Now you can grab that licence!


Upon successful completion of this rpl program you will be awarded a nationally recognised qualification in:

Certificate III in Roof Plumbing



Scope of work

Roof Plumbing work involves the fixing, installation, renovation, alteration, repair and maintenance of guttering, downpipes, roof flashing and roof coverings, including metal walls and ceilings, on any building or structure, except work in relation to coverings consisting of non-metallic tiles and slates, or glass (being work usually performed by glaziers), or concrete, or timber and timber products, or thatching, or malthoid, bituminous or similar membrane material.

Note: Roof plumbing work includes the installation of skylights, ventilators and the like as well as the application of protective coatings, not involving structural alteration of roof members/components (only where the work involved is not specifically excluded above.

Qualifications required

CPC32612 Certificate III in Roof Plumbing

Accessed 12/7/16 from: NSW Fair Trading roof plumbing contractor’s licence


Scope of work

Select and install roof cladding other than terracotta and concrete roof tiles, fabricate and install rainwater goods, flash penetrations through roofs and walls, including, for example, install skylights and ventilators, design, fabricate and install external flashings, metal ceilings and associated soffits and fascias, erect fixed or operating box type louvre units, disconnect and reconnect air distribution equipment throughout roof or wall cladding, design roof drainage components, design penetrations associated with mechanical services, including large penetration water management, refurbish and maintain roofs, excluding painting roofs

Qualifications required

CPC32612 Certificate III in Roof Plumbing

Plus Approved Managerial Course

Accessed on 12/7/16 from: QBCC roof and wall cladding licence


Scope of work

Roof Plumbing  work involves a roof drainage system that collects and disposes of stormwater. A roof drainage system usually comprises gutters, eaves and downpipes.

Experienced needed:

  • Installing eaves gutters
  • Fabricating and installing downpipes
  • Installing box gutters, outlets, overflows, rainheads and sumps
  • Installing drains above ground and downpipes for the roof drainage system
  • Installing flashings such as soaker, step, apron, valley, ridge, pressure and side flashings
  • Installing flash penetrations to fixtures such as vent pipes, skylights, airconditioning units, flues and exhaust fans
  • Installing rainwater tanks to collect drinking water
  • Laying and securing metal roof sheeting safely

Qualifications required

CPC32612 Certificate III in Roof Plumbing AND

Successful completion of the VBA’s registration exam

Must have completed  an apprenticeship under the supervision of a plumber qualified to carry out that work or that class of plumbing work OR employment for four years in that class of plumbing work

Accessed 14/7/16 from: VIC Roofing (Stormwater) work Licence


Not available in this jurisdiction

Accessed 14/7/2016 from: ACT roof plumbing contractor’s licence


Not available in this jurisdiction

Accessed 14/7/2016 from: WA roof plumbing contractor’s licence


Not available in this jurisdiction

Accessed 14/7/2016 from: SA roof plumbing contractor’s licence


Not available in this jurisdiction

Accessed 14/7/2016 from: TAS roof plumbing contractor’s licence


Not available in this jurisdiction

Accessed 14/7/2016 from: NTroof plumbing contractor’s licence

Can I apply?

This RPL and trade skills recognition program is available to tradesmen with local experience or local students that have completed partial studies in Australia. We also have programs to help migrants fast-track their qualifications providing they have relevant experience, qualifications and well aware of the Australian standards and requirements.

Ready to start?

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  • Steve Giffney
    Posted at 09:41h, 16 May Reply

    Interested I the certificate 3 in roof plumbing.

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 00:03h, 31 May Reply

      Hi Steve,

      You will soon get a call from one of our experienced course advisor for a quick skills assessment.

  • Joshua Humphries
    Posted at 09:47h, 19 June Reply

    To qualify me hi im josh ive been tile n metal roofing for over 14 years now and im keen to sit my trade licence ! So i thought ild ask how to go about sitting this coures thanking you for your time cheers josh

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 22:31h, 21 June Reply

      Hi Josh,
      14years in the trade should definitely see you eligible for our RPL program! You won’t have to complete a course, but rather collect a portfolio of evidence proving that you have competence in all units required for this qualification. A coure advisor will touch base to discuss your situation in detail.

  • Steve Hammond
    Posted at 09:37h, 26 June Reply

    Hi. I am just after some information on what i need to do to become qualified. I have 10yrs metal roofing experience. Can you give me some more info please. Thanks Steve

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 00:45h, 23 October Reply

      Hi Steve,

      We will need to discuss any experience you have in roof plumbing, please give us a call for a chat.

  • Janno Kuntus
    Posted at 11:23h, 10 August Reply

    I have been working in that particular Industry for over 10 years now both locally and overseas. I do have broad range of skills and i consider myself above average roof plumber. I do have all required tickets for that trade and I’m currently self employed on that field. I would like to have that ticket in my pocket to be fully professional.

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 03:41h, 25 August Reply

      Hi Janno,

      That’s a lot of experience. Our course advisor will be in touch to go through our entry and course requirements with you.

  • michael slinger
    Posted at 11:44h, 29 September Reply


    i have been working as a roof constructions/ roofer since 2003. I have my own company in roofing since 2011. I work with Epdm, zinc, coper, tiles, shingles, Bitume, isolation, skylights and ventilators, fabricate and install rainwater goods. i life and have my company in the Netherlands, soon i am comming back to Australia and would like to have this certificate to get my work visa in Australia. can you give me some information how i can apply.

    kind regards

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 05:24h, 12 October Reply

      Hi Michael,

      Have you worked in Australia? We will require you to have at least 2 ears of roof plumbing experience, with at least 12 months under the supervision of an Australian licensed roof plumber in Australia.

  • Terry. Walker
    Posted at 07:39h, 13 June Reply

    I’ve been building steel sheds ,garages, patios ,carports and have over 10 years experience. I have gone out on my own as a sole trader and need recognised qualifications to promote my business

  • Balwinder
    Posted at 21:16h, 29 September Reply

    Hi i have 8 years experience in sheets metal work. Can i apply this course

  • Adam seisenbacher
    Posted at 10:31h, 24 February Reply

    I am a licensed toof tiler with 10 years experience, but have been roof plumbing for the past 3-4years and would like to get certified

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 12:11h, 25 February Reply

      Hello Adam. A course advisor should be in touch with you real soon to cover off your situation and discuss our best price guarantee. 🙂

  • Jeremy Sims
    Posted at 10:25h, 15 May Reply

    I did 10yrs in the navy as an engineer I am a qualified fitter and turner also sheet metal fabrication I have been roofing for another company for 6 years and now want to start my own business can you please have someone contact me from RPL so I can get my license

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 10:53h, 15 May Reply

      Hello Jeremy,

      We can certainly check if you’re eligible for a RPL certificate course. We’ll give you a call to discuss.

  • Mohammed Kassem
    Posted at 15:47h, 21 May Reply

    Hi I would like to be qualified
    I have over years of experience
    Please let me know what you need from me

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