FDF30710 – Certificate III in Retail Baking (Combined) – RPL

11 Aug FDF30710 – Certificate III in Retail Baking (Combined) – RPL

The Certificate III in Retail Baking (Combined) provides trade baking skills and knowledge for those working in a retail baking environment with a focus on cakes and pastry and bread.

What's involved?

1. Free Skills Assessment

You need to have valid industry experience in order to qualify for this RPL program. When you first touch base, we will help you identify your skills and advise on whether this qualification is right for you. As a rule of thumb if you have more than 2 years experience in your field, then you are likely to be eligible.

2. Evidence Portfolio
  • Valid Identification
  • Resume: We need your resume showing details of your work history, job description including your duties and places you worked in.
  • list showing relevant employment history
  • letter of employment
  • reference letters: get a reference letter from your current & past employers detailing your job title, your duties, how long you worked there and any special skills you have. Reference letters should show approximately three (3) years experience (in total).
  • photos: The more photos you have the more skills you can show, approx 20 to 30 photographs are needed. You can present photos of special events you participated in. You may also take photos using different equipments in the kitchen, serving customers, food preparation and presentation and the like.
  • videos: This is a great way to show off your skills, no more than 5 videos are required, each video no longer than 6 minutes each. In each video you will show various stages of your work.
  • a certified copy of your past qualification or transcript that you may have studied in the past. This includes any short courses such as first aid courses or your food safety supervisor (FSS) certificate
  • Other evidence:It’s a good idea to include any other documents as evidence such as menus, invoices, marketing docs, costing docs, customer feedback, financial docs and any other relevant documents.
3. Skills Check
  1. You will be having a conversation covering questions for each unit with our qualified assessor
  2. The assessor may choose to also perform a practical observation.
  3. Where gap training is required, you will need to complete theory or practical assessments as required. Theory components can be completed from home and practical components can be completed at your work site.
4. Qualified!

All certificates are Nationally Recognised and issued by a Qualify Me! partner college. Now you can grab that licence!


Baker (Retail Baking)

A baker is responsible for making a wide range of breads, pastries, and other baked goods. One of the great things about being a baker is that it offers the possibility to work in a variety of settings, from a small family-owned bakery to a corporate-owned industrial operation, and everything in between.

Pastrycook (Retail Baking)

The Pastry Cooks responsibilities include preparing quality pastry items such as breakfast items, desserts, breads, ice creams, sorbets, creams, simple syrups, amenities, displays/centerpieces and special request items.

Essential duties and responsibilities include:

  • Maintain complete knowledge of correct maintenance and use of equipment; use equipment and tools only as intended, properly and safely.
  • Maintain and strictly abide by state sanitation/health regulations and hotel requirements.
  • Meet with the Executive Chef to review assignments, anticipated business levels, changes and other information pertinent to the job performance.
  • Prepare all menu items following recipes and yield guides, according to departmental standards.
  • Inform the Executive Chef of any foreseeable shortages before items run out.
  • Maintain proper storage procedures as specified by Health Department and hotel requirements.
  • Minimise waste and maintain controls to attain forecasted food cost.
Baker (Retail Combined)

Essential duties and responsibilities of combined retail baker.

  • Implement the food safety program and procedures
  • Contribute to OHS processes
  • Use numerical applications in the workplace
  • Provide and apply workplace information
  • Form and fill pastry products
  • Prepare fillings
  • Produce pastry
  • Produce bread dough
  • Produce sponge, cake and cookie batter
  • Decorate cakes and cookies
  • Bake bread
  • Bake sponges, cakes and cookies
  • Bake pastry products
  • Process dough
  • Diagnose and respond to product and process faults (bread)
  • Diagnose and respond to product and process faults (pastry, cake and cookies)
  • Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
  • Lead work teams and groups
  • Plan and schedule production for retail bakery
  • Participate in product development


Upon successful completion of this RPL Program you will be awarded a nationally recognised qualification in:

Certificate III in Retail Baking (Cake and Pastry)

Study Pathways

After achieving this Qualification, candidates may undertake FDF40110 Certificate IV in Food Processing or other suitable Certificate IV Qualifications

Can I apply?

This RPL and skills recognition program is available to those with local experience or local students that have completed partial studies in Australia. We also have programs to help migrants fast-track their qualifications providing they have relevant experience, qualifications and well aware of the Australian standards and requirements.

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  • Coco
    Posted at 07:22h, 01 March Reply

    What about having 2 years of experience in Bakery but no qualification

    • Qualify Me!
      Posted at 04:18h, 02 March Reply

      2 years local experience may suffice for a certificate III Baking level. We will need to explore your experience further and ensure you meet the criteria to say:
      – Prepare, process and bake bread dough
      – prepare, form and filling pastry
      – produce sponge, cake and cookie batter
      – Decorate cakes and cookies

      • Phirun Ngov
        Posted at 04:04h, 12 October Reply

        2-year work experience refers to part-time or full-time? does it differentiate local and oversea experience? thanks, Run

        • Qualify Me!
          Posted at 04:41h, 12 October Reply

          Hi Phirun,

          Experience refers to full time. The experience can be overseas as long as sufficient references and evidence are provided, however, we will require a minimum 12 months experience in Australia, also with references and evidence.

  • Ram Kunwar
    Posted at 09:13h, 25 April Reply

    Working as a baker shifts in Woolworths about four year and making retail breads, that will help me out to get certificates III in retail baking???

  • Sher Singh
    Posted at 23:47h, 12 July Reply

    I’m already having certificate IV in Patisserie, but not Certificate III in retail bread baking. From last 3.5 years doing breads.
    My certificate IV in Patisserie have option that I can do yeast containing products not breads written there. That I want for new job application.

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