Need your Trade licence fast?

If you have experience, Qualify Me! can get you qualified and licence ready.


Builders Licence

The Australian Government is encouraging training institutes to recognise the skills and experience of builders with adequate experience in the industry but don’t have a certificate and licence.

Qualify Me! in partnership with a number of training institutes has developed a compliant and yet simple program to get qualified.

Trade Licences

Reference letters, job descriptions, onsite photographs, updated resume, related courses and professional development certificates and past qualifications

If you have experience in an industry, then Qualify Me! will help you get the qualification you need to get your licence. It’s a very straight forward process

Electrician Licence

Qualify Me! in partnership with NSW’s most prestigious colleges in the trade has developed a compliant and yet simple program to get you qualified.

The process to get licensed as an electrician in NSW is very daunting with various bodies and associations giving at times almost what seems to be conflicting information.

Plumbing Licence

Attaining your plumbing licence in NSW isn’t quite as easy as you have been led to believe. Citizens who for whatever reason dropped out of TAFE or did not complete their apprenticeship seem a little confused on the process.

On the other hand migrants, even if you have all your qualifications and licensed overseas –yep even if you’re from the UK, there’s a few hurdles you’ll have to go through.

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