CPCPWT4022A – Backflow Prevention and RPZ

Backflow Prevention Course

Short Course

This backflow prevention course will cover all aspects of the Commissioning & Maintaining Backflow Prevention Devices unit and is designed to suit all levels of experience. It encompasses a range of topics including safe work procedures, backflow definition & history, types of valves / devices & their application, backflow preventers, troubleshooting, selecting and using backflow testing and measuring devices, safely testing and reporting, rpz valve installation, dual check valves, suppliers & brands.

As a part of this course, representatives from major RPZ manufacturers & the head inspector from Sydney Water often attend to provide critical insights.

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Course Details

Part 1: Materials, Design & Performance Requirements Of Backflow Prevention Devices Understanding minimum requirements as per AS/NZS 2845.1:2010 (Incorporating Amendment No. 1)   Part 2: Registered Air Gaps & Registered Break Tanks Specific requirements for registered air gaps, including those incorporated in break tanks, used as backflow prevention devices for the protection of water supplies, as per AS 2845.2—2010   Part 3: Field Testing & maintenance Of Testable Devices Operational checking (which may include measurements) to ascertain the level of performance of a backflow prevention device for the purpose of maintaining its specified performance, as per AS 2845.3—2010 (Incorporating Amendment No. 1)  

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Upon successful completion of this course you will be awarded a Statement of Attainment in: CPCPWT4022A – Commission & Maintain Backflow Prevention Devices and Commission Plumbers in NSW can use this Statement of Attainment to attain backflow certification by uploading their details to the Sydney Water ‘Accredited Backflow Plumbers’ contact list on the Sydney Water website. Note: This is unit is an industry endorsed ‘Accreditation’ and does not have a licensing outcome.

Study Pathways


Course Prerequisites

In order to attend this short course you must hold a:
  • Certificate III in Plumbing; or
  • Certificate IV in Plumbing; or
  • State endorsed contractors licence as a Plumber

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