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Let qualify me, qualify you
Let qualify me, qualify you
Gordon Tallis

Remedial Massage RPL

If you have a wide range of experience but haven’t completed your qualification for whatever reason, then you’re in the right place.

Course Overview


About The Certification

The Remedial Massage RPL program reflects the role of remedial massage therapists who work with clients presenting with soft tissue dysfunction, musculoskeletal imbalance or restrictions in range of motion (ROM).

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Scope of work

Remedial Massage scope of work includes but is not limited to developing massage practice, perform remedial massage musculoskeletal assessments,
provide massage treatments, provide remedial massage treatments, adapt remedial massage practice to meet specific needs, monitor and evaluate remedial massage treatments and engage with health professionals and the health system.

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Experience Requirements

At least 2 years relevant industry experience in a wide range of Remedial Massage work at a Massage Parlour.

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100 Pts ID JP Certified, Resume, Referee Testimonial, Work samples, Payslips, Photos

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Regulatory Licensing Requirements

Remedial Massage practitioners may be self-employed or work within a larger health service. To achieve this qualification, the candidate must have completed at least 200 hours of work as detailed in the Assessment Requirements of units of competency.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.

Practitioners who are looking for new opportunities or to advance their career can consider:
HLT52015 - Diploma of Remedial Massage

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PROGRAM: Remedial Massage


Remedial Massage RPL

CAREER OUTCOME: remedial massage therapist

PRICE:Price Beat Guarantee


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’re here to help.

    Remedial Massage RPL offers a unique opportunity to boost your career in the field. By gaining formal recognition for your existing skills and knowledge, you can open doors to career advancement, increased job opportunities, and even potential salary upgrades.

    Applicants for Remedial Massage RPL are often concerned about the timeframe for collecting evidence. While there isn't a strict time limit, it's essential to submit recent and relevant evidence that reflects your current proficiency in remedial massage. This ensures the assessment accurately represents your current capabilities.

    Individuals with international qualifications in remedial massage often wonder if they are eligible for RPL. The answer is yes. The process considers international qualifications, but it's crucial to provide detailed documentation, including translations if necessary, to facilitate a thorough assessment.

    Understanding the timeline for the Remedial Massage RPL assessment is crucial for planning. The duration can vary, but the process typically takes a few weeks. Factors such as the complexity of evidence, assessor availability, and the completeness of your submission can influence the timeline.

    Applicants often want clarity on the specific areas assessed during the Remedial Massage RPL process to gain their RPL qualification. The assessment covers a range of competencies, including anatomy and physiology knowledge, practical massage techniques, client communication, and understanding relevant industry regulations. These are all skills you would have gained if you have prior experience in remedial massage.

    Applicants sometimes worry about employment gaps affecting their RPL application. While continuous practice is beneficial, having gaps in work experience doesn't automatically disqualify you. It's important to showcase your skills through other means, such as relevant certifications, continuous professional development, and any volunteer work related to remedial massage.

    Understanding the differences between RPL and traditional training programs is essential. Unlike traditional programs that require attending classes, RPL focuses on assessing existing skills and knowledge. It offers a more flexible and personalized approach, allowing individuals to demonstrate their expertise without undergoing formal training.

    Applicants often seek assurance regarding support during the RPL process. Most RPL providers offer guidance and support, including access to assessors who can answer queries. It's advisable to inquire about the available support services when considering an RPL application to ensure a smooth and well-supported experience.

    Individuals with a background in physiotherapy often wonder if Remedial Massage RPL is applicable to them. Yes, RPL recognises skills from related fields, including physiotherapy. If you have experience in techniques overlapping with remedial massage, such as soft tissue manipulation, you can present evidence of your proficiency to potentially expedite the RPL process.