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Let qualify me, qualify you
Let qualify me, qualify you

Let Qualify Me, Qualify You!

Qualify Me!

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Get Your RPL Qualification in 
4 Easy Steps

Free 60 second Skills Assessment

Kick-start your journey into a lucrative, well earning career by taking our Free 60 second Skills Assessment. Once completed, we will contact you to confirm your eligibility for an RPL qualification with Qualify Me!

Evidence Portfolio

Our licensed trade assessors will go through your portfolio with you to assist in gathering the required evidence of your work experience such as: resumé, reference letters, work examples, photos, certificates and any overseas qualifications.

Skills Check

Our trade assessors will call you for a competency conversation and a practical observation if required. Where skills or knowledge gaps are identified, we will walk you through any further assessment that is required.



When the review process is completed, you’ll receive a nationally recognised qualification issued by a Qualify Me! partner college. Now you can grab that trade licence, promotion or even start your own business.

Voted Australia's #1 Trusted RPL Australia.

Here's the truth: We're not just the best. We're the gold standard. Voted Australia's top RPL provider. Why settle for less? Two decades of excellence. Over 20 years, we've transformed on-the-job sweat into recognised success. In partnership with elite Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), we unlock doors. Your career. Supercharged. Your expertise. Certified.

 Popular RPL Qualifications Australia

In a competitive industry, the edge always goes to those who have experience and recognised qualifications. Becoming a licensed tradesperson is an essential part of building your reputation and assuring your clients that you are up to the job. One of the first steps in getting your license is proving you have the relevant skills. Getting a nationally recognised qualification through an RTO is a great way to do that.

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Free Business Startup Package

As an added plus, Qualify Me! also partners with various organisations to help you plan your next steps, whether assisting with a license application or starting up a business, giving you the edge you need to succeed. All our students get a free business start up package once they get qualified.

International Students

Are you an International Student looking to Study, Work & Live in Australia? We make dreams happen. It’s hard moving to another country and settling in to study. That’s what we make easy. Come enjoy Australia for all it has, and benefit from the vast opportunities it has to offer without worry about day to day life.

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Get recognised for your experience

Get qualified with Qualify Me and receive a free company registration and business startup package

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Popular Questions

RPL Benefits

RPL Costs

RPL Process

Why choose Qualify Me?

    RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning. As the name suggests, RPL providers such as Qualify Me can provide you with a nationally recognised qualification simply by assessing your prior work experience. There is no classroom study and zero interruptions to your work and life schedule. Recognition of Prior Learning assesses what you already know and checking if it matches the qualification you want to obtain. The best part is that it takes into consideration formal, non-formal and informal learning.

    To receive your RPL certificate, all you need to do is apply to Qualify Me. You'll need to provide evidence to support your application. This may include documents such as a report or a portfolio of work samples, or evidence of assessment activities, such as work observations or interviews.

    All Qualify Me RPL qualifications and certifications are nationally recognised across Australia. That means no matter which state you travel to, you can enjoy the increased earning potential and career benefits from your RPL qualification.

    Anyone who has previous knowledge, experience, or skills that are relevant to the course of study that they want to complete can apply for this process regardless of whether your training or experience was in Australia or abroad. To be successful, you need to be able to provide evidence of the skills and knowledge you have gained.

    1) Take advantage of the current skills shortage: Did you know that Australia is in the middle of a 23 year low skills shortage? With skills and staff shortages, come increased demand and income for tradies. A recent "a current affair" article on this staggering skills shortage  states  that "The national apprenticeship completion rate is at a worrying 55.7 per cent low, the National Centre for Vocational Education Research data revealed." By getting your RPL qualification, you set yourself apart from unqualified tradies and you put yourself in position to maximise your income and business revenue.

    2) Career progression: In a competitive industry, the edge always goes to those who have experience and recognition. That's why becoming qualified with RPL is the best and fastest way to progressing your career.

    increased earning potential: qualified blue-collar and white-collar Australian's earn, on average 30% more than non-qualified Australians.

    3) Ability to apply for your trade ticket/licence to start your own business: An industry ticket/licence is not the same as a RPL qualification/certificate. However, the requirement to apply for your industry ticket/licence from the state authority (eg: Fair Trading NSW) requires that you already possess certain qualifications/certificates. Qualify Me RPL provides the required qualifications that are required to gain your industry licence.

    4) Earn more Money: At the end of the day, a RPL qualification translates into increasing your earning potential. You would not be reading this otherwise. Most of our students come to us because they want financial freedom. Our students want to go from earning a salary to earning dividends and running their own business where their income is limitless. We hear from past students every day that have moved from living paycheck to paycheck, who have become qualified with RPL and now run multi million dollar businesses. It all starts with a Free 60 Second Skills Assessment.

    For most trades industries, an industry ticket / licence is required before you can perform work under your own business. For example, you need a building licence before you can do any residential building work in NSW valued at more than $5000 (incl GST) in labour and materials.

    Here are the steps to starting your own business:

    1) Get your qualifications via a RPL certificate with Qualify Me!

    All our students get a free business start up package once they get qualified.

    2) Apply to the state authority (eg: Fair Trading NSW) for your industry licence/ticket

    It can be difficult to find the time & effort to fit an entire course into our lives, especially for those already working and juggling other commitments. Online courses can be convenient, but there is still the issue with time. This is where Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) shines. We use our previous skills, experience and qualifications to shorten the time it takes to undergo a course and allow you to become eligible for qualifications you may not otherwise be able to do.

    When you enrol with Qualify Me RPL, RPL fees are required at the time of enrolment. You will pay fees for each unit of competency in which you enrol. The total cost varies depending on which qualification(s) you require. The good news is that Qualify Me has a best price guarantee, so what are you waiting for? Simply start your free 60 second skills assessment now, and our assessors can provide you the lowest RPL price in Australia.

    The best thing about RPL is that if you already possess the experience and the evidence for that experience, it is a very quick process. Usually taking only weeks to a couple of months to complete all the paperwork and get the qualification. It is also far cheaper than full-time classroom study with all the same benefits of career progression, increased earning potential and the ability to get your industry ticket to start your own business.

    Yes! We understand that juggling costs and work can be complicated. That's why Qualify Me works with you to offer you various payment options and payment plans so you can always progress in your career with RPL.

    Qualify Me has a simple 4 step process to becoming qualified with RPL. Our self paced process means there is no classroom study and zero interruptions to your work and life schedule.

    Step 1: All you need to do is apply for the course you want or take the free 60 second skills assessment now and we will contact you.

    Step 2: After which we let you know your eligibility and if you meet the requirements and criteria. Once you start the RPL process, you’ll have the support of our qualified and licensed trade assessors.

    Step 3: Qualify Me! will collate a portfolio of evidence that represents your work background, references, experience, etc. All the evidence is reviewed by a qualified and licensed trade assessor.

    Step 4: When the review process is completed, you’ll receive a nationally recognised qualification!

    The minimum course time to complete an RPL qualification is 1 – 2 weeks, however this varies depending on the qualification. Some qualifications require 8 weeks. The timeframe also depends on the evidence that you supply and how quickly you supply the required  evidence.

    To receive your RPL qualification/certification, we use your past experience and knowledge to prove your eligibility. There are three main areas that are considered during the process. These are:

    1) Existing work experience. The practical work experience you have gained to date may have provided you with solid skills and knowledge that are of relevance to a course of study. Work experience may be informal, formal, full time, part time, voluntary, or paid.

    2) Existing qualifications. You may have completed educational courses that have provided you with knowledge and understanding that is of relevance to the course of study. For example, if you have another TAFE course or unit, this may count as credit toward a different qualification.

    3) Life skills and experience. Your general life experiences and the skills you have developed over time may also count toward the qualification you wish to complete.

    Based in Sydney, spanning Australia, we've been at the pinnacle of RPL qualification delivery for 20 years. Our expertise? Nationwide. Our impact? Lifelong.

    We let our reviews do the talking. We are the highest rated best rpl provider australia. Check out our trustpilot reviews and our google reviews.

    We are a RPL Sydney based provider who have been providing RPL qualifications AUstralia-Wide and have been the industry leaders for two decades.

    Yes! We strive to be the most affordable RPL provider in Australia. Our best price guarantee means you'll always get the best price, guaranteed.

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