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Let qualify me, qualify you
Let qualify me, qualify you

Trade Licences

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    Popular Trade Licences

    Getting your trade licence as a tradesperson is an essential part of building your reputation and assuring your clients that you are up to the job. One of the first steps in getting your trade licence is proving you have the relevant skills and receiving your trade qualification via RPL. Getting a nationally recognised trade qualification through Qualify Me is the best and fastest way to earning your trade licence.

    Get Your RPL Trade Qualification in 4 Easy Steps

    Free 60 second Skills Assessment

    Kick-start your journey into a lucrative, well earning career by taking our Free 60 second Skills Assessment. Once completed, we will contact you to confirm your eligibility for an RPL qualification with Qualify Me!

    Evidence Portfolio

    Our licensed trade assessors will go through your portfolio with you to assist in gathering the required evidence of your work experience such as: resumé, reference letters, work examples, photos, certificates and any overseas qualifications.

    Skills Check

    Our trade assessors will call you for a competency conversation and a practical observation if required. Where skills or knowledge gaps are identified, we will walk you through any further assessment that is required.



    When the review process is completed, you’ll receive a nationally recognised qualification issued by a Qualify Me! partner college. Now you can grab that trade licence, promotion or even start your own business.

    Clients Feedback

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have questions about trade licences? We’re here to help.

      Trade Licences are mandatory for many businesses, trades, and organisations and are designed to protect the consumer from poor workmanship, unethical behaviour, and illegal and/or dangerous practices. 

      Trade Licences  verify that:

      • an organisation is a legally registered entity
      • certain levels of trade qualification and skill sets have been achieved
      • certain regulations are adhered to in the running of a business
      • premises have been inspected and are legally deemed safe for the public.

      You can check online to ensure the people or organisations you are dealing with have an appropriate trade license.

      No. A RPL trade qualification focuses on assessing workplace evidence collected and skills demonstrated to achieve a trade qualification so you can apply for your trade licence. In other words, RPL is the first step in getting your trade licence.

      The rules for trade licensing differ state to state. For example, in NSW you must have a valid trade licence before you contract, sub-contract or advertise to do: residential building work where the reasonable market cost of the labour and materials is more than $5,000 (including GST).

      Holding a Trade Licence as a professional means several things. Firstly, you can earn more because you are legally allowed to undertake work greater than $5000 in value. It also shows to your customers that you are experienced and have passed a minimum level of competency which promotes trust in your workmanship. Finally, holding a trade licence is your first step to starting your own business.

      Qualify Me has qualified hundreds of thousands of clients just like you across Australia with our RPL process. Many of these customers went on to use this RPL qualification to apply for a trade licence with our guidance. So, who better to guide you through this journey into better earning and improved career prospects than Australia’s leading RPL provider? Our course advisors will hold your hand the entire way, so you’ll always have a clear path to success.

    Free 60 second Skills Assessment

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