If you have experience on the job experience in your trade then Qualify Me! can help you attain the qualification you need for your licence.

The Australian Government is encouraging training institutes to recognise the skills and experience of trades with adequate experience in the industry but don’t have a certificate and licence.

Qualify Me! in partnership with a number of training institutes has developed a compliant and yet simple program to get qualified fast.

It’s all completed in 4 easy steps:


Collect your evidence

Reference letters, job descriptions, onsite photographs, updated resume, related courses and professional development certificates and past qualifications.


Conversation with our assessor

The assessor of the Qualify Me! partner provider will have a friendly conversation with you about your experience. You may even take them onsite to show them your actual work.


Receive your Nationally Recognised Certificate

You will obtain your certificate in the trade you applied for accompanied with a transcript reflecting your unit of competency.


Visit your state licence regulator

After collecting your certificate and transcript, submit a licence application. Best of all we will help you with the forms and any additional requirements needed to get your licence.

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