Terms & Conditions

Payments & Guarantees


Students who enroll to achieve their qualification through Qualify Me! agree and guarantee that all financial commitment and obligations owing to Qualify Me! will be fulfilled in accordance to the Qualify Me! payment terms and conditions. The guarantee extends to directors of legal entities who engage Qualify Me! through the legal entity.


The student agrees to take full responsibility of all recovery costs associated in recovering student fee that are outstanding to Qualify Me! where the student defaults in the payment of the student fee.


Qualify Me! reserve its rights to report outstanding accounts which are not settled to VEDA and cause a credit default on the student’s personal and/or business/commercial credit files.

Direct debit payment options


Students who agree to have the course fee direct debited from their nominated institute agree to the following:


  1. Once the direct debit has been agreed upon and setup for a duration of time, the payment cannot be put on hold, amended or stopped thereafter;
  2. The student must pay $1.25 per transaction and a one off setup fee of $3.30 applies;
  3. It is important that the student ensures there is enough funds in the account when payments become due and payable, any bank fee, charges and dishonor fee will be chargeable to the student;
  4. Where in extreme circumstances the arrangement needs to be changed, the student must pay $250 administration fee;
  5. All students who choose this method of payment confirm that they have read and agreed to the Qualify Me! payments and refunds terms and conditions;
  6. Students are required to complete all online enrollment applications;

Refund policy for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and skills recognition


Qualify Me! is dedicated and is committed to every one of its students and we operate on the principal that every student is just as important and valuable as the other. For this reason Qualify Me! has a dedicated team of professionals who invest many hours and a lot of time in assisting our students. Qualify Me! adopts an initial screening process to ensure that the student is aware of the process, what is required to achieve their qualification or to complete a course. This is to ensure that our students who enroll with us, have the capacity to successfully complete the course which they have enrolled in through a registered training organisation. Therefore, Qualify Me! has designed a refund policy that have proven fair.


The Qualify Me! refund policy has therefore been designed to take into account application, administration, assessment and mapping of evidence provided, and compilation of portfolio of evidence, and identification of gap training.


The following refund policy applies to all students:


The student will be eligible for a full refund where one of the following apply:


  1. Qualify Me! will refund within 30 calendar days, all student contribution fees paid where the student’s application for enrolment is refused by Qualify Me! or
  2. *In the unlikely event that Qualify Me! is unable to deliver the course, the student may choose to have all tuition fees paid refunded within 30 calendar days.

All refunds will be paid directly to the person who entered into the contract with Qualify Me! in the same method they had paid Qualify Me! less any transfer or other bank charges incurred.


*Where a course is superseded, removed or deleted from the National Register, all enrolled participants will be notified in writing and will be required to complete within the transition period as specified by the partner RTO. Students who do not complete the course within the time-frame specified after receiving the written notice will not be eligible for a refund.


The student is not eligible for any refund where any one of the following circumstances apply, this is not an exhaustive list:


  1. The student starts the process and is unable to provide the documents required to successfully complete the RPL and skills recognition process for any reason; (Note: all students are screened over the phone in addition to emails with a list of the evidence required before the process starts, Qualify Me! will not accept claims from students that the process or evidence required was not clear or mentioned in the initial screening)
  2. The student refuses to undertake gap training that may be required to demonstrate competency and identified either during a competency conversation and/or a practical observation;
  3. The student changes his/her mind or believe that they no longer require the qualification in which they have enrolled;
  4. The registered training organisation may change its evidence requirement criteria due to changing laws and regulations and the student takes more than three (3) weeks to provide required evidence;
  5. The student has issued fabricated documents as forms of evidence;
  6. The student issues fraudulent documents as forms of evidence;
  7. Students may choose to pay 80% of the course fee and request that the units of competencies for which evidence has been provided for to be assessed. The student will receive a transcript for the units of competencies to which they have been deemed competent for by the trainer and assessor. (Note:  the student will need to provide references on the units of competencies in which they will be assessed.)
  8. Students who pay 80% of the course fee and received a transcript may return in future and complete the course in which case they are only required to pay the remaining 20% of the course fee (subject to change). (Note: additional evidence will be required for the remaining units of competencies and the student will need to provide references on the units of competencies in which they will be assessed. Qualify Me! will not use the same reference document submitted. Due to various legislative reforms the evidence criteria may change.)
  9. If the student has made full payment of the course fee, the student may return at any time and continue the processing of the portfolio of evidence at no extra cost.

If you decide to enroll with Qualify Me! you declare that you have accepted our refund policy terms and conditions.

Application processing time for RPL and Skills Recognition


Qualify Me! has a dedicated student support services team that will work very closely with you to help you process your application as fast as possible, whilst making it a rather pleasurable experience.


We understand that with regular and ongoing regulatory reforms, licensing requirements may change promptly and without notice, effectively requiring the registered training organisation to change the type and amount of evidence required, and methodology of assessments which in some cases may make it more challenging for students to demonstrate their competency.


For this reason, students are required to provide all required evidence to Qualify Me! within six (6) weeks from the date of their enrolment. In turn we will generally process this in just two (2) to four (4) weeks.


Extensions may be requested by the students and will be considered in certain circumstances and will be assessed on a case by case basis. Qualify Me! will only approve requests for extension in writing and not verbally under any circumstance.


Exceptions: This does not apply to the UEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician.


If you decide to enroll with Qualify Me! you declare that you have accepted our processing time terms and conditions.

Urgent application processing time for RPL and Skills Recognition


  1. We understand that in some circumstances, students may require urgent processing of their qualification, any urgent application requests must be made in writing and addressed to your case manager’s email address; please ensure your case manager has replied confirming your request. Urgent Application Processing does not commence until your case manager confirms that the evidence you have provided is sufficient and complete; and you have made full payment;
  2. We also understand that often students may require a soft copy of the qualification to use as part of various applications, in order for Qualify Me! to send a soft copy of your qualification, you are required to finalise any outstanding payments before requesting your soft copy.

RPL and Skills Recognition additional costs


  1. If you request your certificate to be posted out to you, you may choose Regular post (for free);
  2. Registered or Express Post will attract an additional fee of $10;
  3. If the student is booked for an assessment with the assessor and fails to attend without notifying Qualify his/her case manger 48 hours prior to the date of the assessment will attract an additional fee of $440 to make another booking with the assessor;

Note: This does not include UEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician Program which includes additional fees for Gap Training.


If you decide to enroll with Qualify Me! you declare that you have accepted our payment terms and conditions.

RPL and Skills Recognition assessment and evidence criteria


Qualify Me! staff undergo extensive training and professional development to ensure that they are familiar with the evidence criteria you require for each qualification. Students will receive clear instructions through the initial screening process of what evidence is required and the assessment process to successfully achieve their relevant qualification.


In some circumstances the evidence criteria may change due to regulatory reforms or as a result of a change in the criteria of the licensing government body. We understand that some qualifications have a licensing outcome and you will use this qualification as part of your application, therefore, we find it important that both Qualify Me! and our partner registered training organisation align processes, procedures and evidence criteria to reflect the requirements and criteria of the regulators and licensing authorities.


For this reason, we also encourage students to provide all required evidence to Qualify Me! within six (6) weeks from the date of their enrolment. In turn we will generally process this in just two (2) to four (4) weeks.


If you decide to enroll with Qualify Me! you declare that you have accepted our assessment and evidence terms and conditions.

Disbursements, refund requests, complaints and appeals and compliance


Disbursements of fees

Qualify Me! pays its partner RTO’s training and/or assessment fees from all student course fees received. All RTO fees for training and/or assessments are paid to the RTO via electronic funds transfer and is paid prior to the RTO issuing a qualification;


Refund requests

All refund requests must be made in writing via email to refunds@qualifyme.edu.au. Refund requests will be assessed and processed in accordance to the refund policy terms and conditions;


Complaints and appeals

All matters regarding complaints and appeals must be made in writing via email to complaints@qualifyme.edu.au and a representative will endeavour to contact you within 7 business days. Qualify Me! aims to resolve all outstanding matters within 30 business days from the date the written complaint was received unless informed otherwise.



If you have a compliance concern or identified a compliance matter, please bring it to our attention by emailing compliance@qualifyme.edu.au. Qualify Me! takes all compliance issues raised seriously and endeavours to address them in a timely manner. All matters raised will also be considered as part of our continuous improvement, we would love to hear from you.

Compelling and compassionate circumstances


Where a student is facing compelling and compassionate circumstances which prevent the student from continuing the course of study and the student is able to provide documentary evidence to the satisfaction of the Qualify Me! and the partner RTO, the student may be offered:

  • An opportunity to defer the course of study;
  • A partial refund determined on a case by case basis on its own merits by the compliance team in consultation with the partner RTO;

If a student fails to provide documentary evidence to support their claim, no refund requests will be considered.

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