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Let qualify me, qualify you
Let qualify me, qualify you
Gordon Tallis

Horticulture (Advanced) RPL

If you have a wide range of experience but haven’t completed your qualification for whatever reason, then you’re in the right place.

Course Overview


About The Certification

The Horticulture (Advanced) RPL program describes the skills and knowledge for trade level roles in the Horticulture industry. Individuals with this qualification perform tasks under broad supervision involving a broad range of skills that are applied in a wide variety of contexts, which will involve discretion and judgement in selecting and operating equipment, coordinating resources and applying contingency measures during work.

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Scope of work

The Horticulture scope of work includes but is not limited to developing a soil health and plant nutrition program, supervise landscape project works, manage organic soil improvement, minimise risks in the use of chemicals, plan and implement a chemical use program and prepare safe operating procedures for calibration of equipment.

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Experience Requirements

At least 3 years relevant industry experience in a wide range of Construction work with a licensed Landscaper.

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100 Pts ID JP Certified, White Card JP Certified, Referee Testimonial, Min 2 yrs Experience, Video, Photo

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Regulatory Licensing Requirements

Tradies with the relevant industry knowledge and experience who are looking for new opportunities or to advance their career can consider:

1) AHC30716 Certificate III in Horticulture or
2) AHC40410 Certificate IV in Horticulture

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PROGRAM: Horticulture (Advanced)

LOCATION:Online, Australia Wide

Horticulture (Advanced) RPL

CAREER OUTCOME: Horticulture Team Leader

PRICE:Price Beat Guarantee


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’re here to help.

    The AHC40410 Certificate IV in Horticulture RPL qualification offers a diverse range of job opportunities and career paths within the horticulture industry. Graduates of this qualification are equipped with advanced skills and knowledge that enable them to take on various roles. Here are some potential job opportunities:

    • Horticulture Manager: As a horticulture manager, you would oversee the planning, coordination, and execution of horticultural projects. This role involves managing teams, implementing sustainable practices, and ensuring the successful cultivation of plants.
    • Landscape Designer: Specializing in landscape design, this role involves creating innovative outdoor spaces that blend aesthetics and functionality. Landscape designers work with clients to plan and execute landscape projects, considering factors like plant selection, hardscaping, and layout.
    • Arborist / Arboriculture Consultant: Arboriculture consultants specialise in tree care and management. They provide expert advice on tree health, preservation, and risk assessment, especially in urban and residential settings. An arborist provides professional tree removal; for example tree removal in Brisbane is an industry growing fast!
    • Nursery Manager: Managing plant nurseries involves overseeing plant production, propagation, and distribution. Nursery managers ensure the quality and health of plants while managing operations efficiently.
    • Greenhouse Supervisor: Supervising greenhouse operations entails managing controlled environments for plant growth. Greenhouse supervisors monitor conditions, implement best practices, and ensure the successful cultivation of a wide range of plants.
    • Horticulture Educator: With advanced knowledge, graduates can pursue teaching roles in horticultural institutions, colleges, or training centers. Educators provide instruction on horticultural practices, plant biology, and sustainable landscaping.
    • Parks and Gardens Manager: Managing parks, botanical gardens, or public landscapes involves overseeing maintenance and development. Parks and gardens managers ensure the aesthetic and functional quality of outdoor spaces.
    • Consulting Horticulturist: Consulting horticulturists provide professional advice to individuals, businesses, or municipalities on topics such as plant selection, landscape design, and pest management.

    Practical Advice: Graduates of the AHC40410 Certificate IV in Horticulture qualification have the opportunity to not only excel in specialised roles but also consider entrepreneurship. By obtaining industry licenses after you get your qualification, you can establish your own horticulture consultancy, landscaping business, nurseries or arborist business. This qualification provides the foundation for pursuing industry recognition and advancing your career in the dynamic field of horticulture.

    The AHC40410 Certificate IV in Horticulture RPL process stands as a customised pathway for individuals with prior horticulture experience and skills. RPL allows candidates to demonstrate their expertise and acquire the certificate without undergoing formal training. This emphasises the value of practical experience and ensures proper recognition of proficiency in horticulture.

    Key Information:

    1. AHC40410 Certificate IV in Horticulture RPL provides:
      1. a Tailored RPL route to attain the AHC40410 Certificate IV in Horticulture.
      2. Acknowledgment of horticulture skills and knowledge.
      3. Qualification earned without conventional training methods.

    Practical Advice: Graduates of this qualification can explore roles such as arborists, horticulture managers, landscape designers or arboriculture consultants. Moreover, advanced experience and industry licensing can pave the way for establishing your own horticultural consultancy or landscaping business.

    The AHC40410 Certificate IV in Horticulture RPL is suitable for individuals with substantial horticulture experience and a robust background. This encompasses professionals engaged in horticulture work but lacking a formal qualification. Eligibility is assessed through an evaluation of work history, skills, and horticulture proficiency.

    Key Information:

    1. AHC40410 Certificate IV in Horticulture via RPL Geared towards experienced professionals in horticulture.
    2. Open to candidates without a formal qualification.
    3. Eligibility determined by work history and horticulture expertise.

    This will depend on the RPL provider you choose. Generally, The assessment process for the AHC40410 Certificate IV in Horticulture RPL is a comprehensive evaluation of the candidate's existing horticulture skills and knowledge. This involves diverse methods such as interviews, portfolio assessments, practical demonstrations, and written evaluations. Skilled assessors meticulously review the evidence provided by the candidate to ascertain its alignment with the required competencies. Practical experience, industry endorsements, and prior learning all play a crucial role in the assessment.

    Key Information:

    1. AHC40410 Certificate IV in Horticulture via RPL Assessment methods include interviews, portfolio evaluations, and practical demonstrations.
    2. Competent assessors rigorously evaluate candidate-provided evidence.
    3. Practical experience, industry validations, and prior learning are integral to the assessment.

    Opting for the AHC40410 Certificate IV in Horticulture RPL offers several benefits. Firstly, it validates the candidate's existing horticulture experience and expertise. Secondly, it confers a formal qualification that can elevate career prospects and enhance professional reputation. Lastly, the RPL approach is efficient in terms of time and cost, bypassing redundant training where the candidate excels.

    Key Information:

    1. Validation of horticulture experience and expertise.
    2. Improved career opportunities and professional reputation.
    3. Efficient use of time and resources compared to formal training.
    4. The Cert 4 Horticulture qualification is a more advanced qualification than the AHC30716 Certificate III in Horticulture.

    The duration of the AHC40410 Certificate IV in Horticulture RPL process depends on the RPL provider you choose and varies based on individual circumstances. Factors include the complexity of the candidate's experience, evidence provided, and assessment methods used. Candidates with well-documented and diverse experience can potentially expedite the RPL process, while those with limited evidence might require more time for documentation collection.

    Key Information:

    1. AHC40410 Certificate IV in Horticulture RPL Duration:
      1. varies depending on individual circumstances.
      2. Is Influenced by complexity and amount of evidence.
    2. Diverse experience can accelerate the RPL process.

    Candidates pursuing the AHC40410 Certificate IV in Horticulture RPL pathway usually need to provide various documents to support their application (always check with your RPL provider). These may include resumes, references from employers or colleagues, work samples, photographs of horticulture projects, certifications & relevant training records. These documents serve as tangible proof of the candidate's horticulture skills and experience.

    Key Information:

    1. Typical documents include resumes, references, work samples, photographs, certifications.
    2. Essential for substantiating skills, experience, and training.
    3. Documents play a significant role in supporting the RPL application.