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Let qualify me, qualify you
Let qualify me, qualify you

RPL-Electricians Guide


4 Easy Steps To Get Your Electrical Qualification

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What Is This Guide About?

Let Qualify Me, Qualify You!

The Australian Government is encouraging training institutes to recognise the skills and experience of builders with adequate experience in the industry but don’t have a certificate and licence.

Qualify Me! in partnership with a number of training institutes has developed a compliant and yet simple program to get qualified.

All enrolments through this website are neither referral nor recruitment from QM Corporation.

Copyright © 2023 Qualify Me Pty Ltd ABN: 28 412 330 834.

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18 comments on “RPL-Electricians Guide”

  1. Hi I’ve got 8 years of experience in the electrical field just enquiring on how the the procedure goes to get qualified as a electrician through rpl

  2. Hello I’ve been a qualified refrigeration mechanic for 26 years and have completed uee30811 cert 111 electrician trade school. I am trying to get qualified as an electrician. Can you help.
    Regards Adam

  3. Hello, my name is Francesco Guzzi, I'm 28 years old, in Italy I'm an electrician and I want to be an electrician in Australia as well, I will be in Australia the April 14, can you help to obtain my electrical license in Australia?

  4. Looking to add electrical fitter to
    My electrical mechanical license here In Queensland. I believe I have the experience to have this added to my current electrical license.

  5. Hi I’ve got 12 years of experience in the electrical field just enquiring on how the the procedure goes to get qualified as a electrician through rpl

  6. Hello,

    I've completed all the units required in cert 3 electrotechnology and have transcript from Tafe NSW to prove that.But capstone unit is not competent yet. Do you guys provide that unit and if so what's the timeframe and costs.


  7. I want to finish my cert 3 in electrotechnology I have finished all my Eprofiling and I’ve got 6 years electrical experience I also have finished a majority of my tafe courses

  8. I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Nuwan Dhananjaya Peramuna, and I am writing to express my interest in obtaining an Electrical Trade Certificate through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process within your esteemed organization.

    I bring to your attention my extensive background and qualifications in the electrical field. I have accumulated over 10 years of practical experience as a Project Engineer, coupled with a noteworthy 6-month stint as a Fire Alarm Technician in Australia. To further augment my skill set, I successfully completed a 3 1/2 year Industrial Electrician course and Power Electrical course at the German Railway Technical Training Center in Sri Lanka.

    In addition to my international training, I hold the City & Guilds Advanced Technicians Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the United Kingdom. These qualifications have equipped me with a robust foundation in electrical engineering principles and practical applications.

    Given my substantial work experience and diverse educational background, I am eager to explore the possibility of obtaining an Electrical Trade Certificate through your organization's RPL process. I believe that my skills and knowledge align with the requirements for this qualification, and I am enthusiastic about the prospect of contributing my expertise to your team.

    I would be grateful if you could guide me through the necessary steps and requirements for the RPL assessment. Additionally, I am prepared to provide any documentation or evidence required to support my application.

    Thank you for considering my request. I am confident that my unique combination of hands-on experience and formal education will make a valuable contribution to your organization.

    I look forward to the opportunity to discuss this matter further and provide any additional information you may require.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  9. Hi Qualify me,

    I am an electrical engineer with 5 years of experience in Australia. I would like to get an electrician license. Please advise.