If you have experience in building, Qualify Me! can get you qualified in no time.

The Australian Government is encouraging training institutes to recognise the skills and experience of electricians with adequate experience in the industry but don’t have a certificate and consequently a licence.


Qualify Me! in partnership with NSW’s most prestigious colleges in the trade has developed a compliant and yet simple program to get you qualified. The process to get licensed as an electrician in NSW is very daunting with various bodies and associations giving at times almost what seems to be conflicting information. To top it off some departments will refer you to another who in turn will refer you back to the previous department, then where do you go?! We know our stuff, and having qualified countless electricians we know the process inside out and can keep you up to date on the ever changing requirements.


In short, to attain your licence in NSW you will need to show the New South Wales Department of Fair Trading that you have:

  • a Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician
  • a certificate of proficiency
  • at least 12 months experience as an employee of a licensed electrician.


At Qualify Me! we will help you attain the Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician and put you in the right direction to attain your proficiency certificate. Sufficient experience is mandatory requirement for all students.

Here’s a short run down on the steps


Collect your evidence

We will help you collect evidence. Things like reference letters, job descriptions, onsite photographs, resume, job plans, related courses and professional development certificates and past qualifications are some items that you might have on you.


Conversation and Portfolio

We will have a conversation with you and/or ask you to complete an online questionnaire. We will then compile your responses with your evidence to complete your portfolio.

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Portfolio assessment and training

If any gaps are identified you will result in gap training. Theory will completed online and practicals will be completed with an assessor at our partners New Castle or Parramatta Campuses. Once you have completed your gap training, you will be required to complete a 2 week course to refresh and assess your skills on Australian standards and wiring regulations. This is very similar to the trade tests held by government bodies to assess electricians.


Receive your qualification!

You will obtain your nationally recognised certificate in the building and trade class you applied for accompanied by a transcript reflecting your competencies.


Visit your state licence regulator

After collecting your certificate and transcript, attend to your nearest Fair Trading (NSW) or QLD office or VIC, NT, WA and submit a license application with any other evidence as per their requirements.

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