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Let qualify me, qualify you
Let qualify me, qualify you
Why You Shouldn’t Focus On Being The Cheapest Product

Product - Why You Shouldn’t Focus On Being The Cheapest Product


Don't focus on being the cheapest Product - When it comes to fighting off your competitors, an attractive price point tends to rank pretty highly when winning over new business. After all, a large percentage of your clients will be shopping around for the best deal on the market when looking to make a big purchase decision. 

But customers also know that a poor job could cost them down the line. So, while price is important, a good deal means nothing if your client is going to have to get another trader to fix the job within 6 months. 

“[Customers] want to work with the trades business they like the best, trust the most, the one they feel comfortable with, the one they feel confident who will do a good job on their Project,” says Small Fish Jon Dale. 

“They all know what they want. They’ll want it cheaper, but they don’t want the sh*t trades business.”

Dale argues that for most customers price is an afterthought – once they’ve secured a good tradesman, that’s when attempt to haggle down the cost of the service. 

“They don’t want something rubbish,” Dale continues. “They want the good thing. They want it cheap if it’s possible.”

Instead, focus on the quality you offer. Aside from price, what separates you from your competition? Perhaps it’s your flexibility, your premium customer service or your reliable service guarantee. Dale suggests taking the time to talk to customers in order understand their needs and expectations from the job you are doing. 

“Not just a technical solution and not just gathering information so you can give them a quote, but actually understanding what’s important to them in this project. And then, explain how your business will give it to them,” he adds. 

“It involves understanding what they’re afraid could go wrong in this project and explaining to them how you and your business and the service you provide will help protect them from those things.”

Instead of focusing on cutting corners to offer a competitive price, think about the value of the service you offer. Ultimately, most customers are willing to pay a bit extra knowing that the service has been completed to the highest standard, the process has been smooth and no shortcuts have been taken. 

Looking to start your own business? Head to Qualify Me! to see how a tradesman coach like Dale can give you the keys to success.

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