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Let qualify me, qualify you
Let qualify me, qualify you
Qualify Me Sydney Trades Qualification

Christmas give away :$10,000 Christmas give away winner - Shane Hall

Christmas give away: Interview with Shane Hall plumbing skills recognition client of Avalon

– winner of the Qualify Me! 2014 $10,000 Christmas Giveaway

[Interview Audio transcript]

Interviewer: James Choucair (Business Development Manager)

Interviewee: Shane Hall (Qualify Me! Certificate III in Plumbing client)

Location: Qualify Me! head office 70 Parramatta Rd, Croydon NSW 2132

Date/Time: 2pm on 23rd of December 2014

Tell us a bit about yourself?

“I grew up on the Northern Beaches and did my whole apprenticeship. I went to TAFE and did my certificate III & IV [in plumbing] but uhhh TAFE sort of stuffed me around and um you know I did all my exams failed one, and had to go back and do it again; and then I passed it but they didn’t put it back into the system. This is like 6 years ago. And like I went back to them and said bugger that I’m not going to go through all that trouble, so that’s when I came to Qualify Me!

How have you found the process of skills recognition at Qualify Me!?

Its been pretty good.

What was involved?

“As soon as I called up Ray, he sent me all the details and I came in a week later with my transcripts and all that and handed it in. A few weeks later I had a competency conversation and that’s it.

Did you have to collect photo evidence as well?

Oh yeah, photos and videos and all that, it’s all been handed in and everything else.

Great! Where are you going with this plumbing qualification?

So I want to start my own thing up next year think when I can.

Would you recommend our services?

Yeah hundred percent, easy as.

Would you encourage youngens to take up plumbing as a future career?

Oh definitely, I just like it being out and about not being stuck on the same job everyday and just being outdoors.

And the question we all want to ask, where is the 10k going?

It’s going to go straight into my savings for a house deposit. Its really hard at the moment [to save up] so this will go a long way in getting me on my feet.

Shane, thanks for your time today and congratulations once again on your win!

Thanks heaps guys.

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