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Let qualify me, qualify you
Let qualify me, qualify you
CHC40313- Certificate IV in Child, Youth and Family Intervention

Australian Childcare Industry : Overview of Australian Childcare Industry and Opportunities

Australian Childcare Industry : Careers in Childcare

Careers in childcare are set to become one of Australia’s top five professions, and it is anticipated that the availability of jobs in the childcare industry will significantly increase in the next years due to the baby boom phenomenon in Australia.

In fact, according to IBISWorld, Australia’s birth rate is expected to increase by 6.4% in the forthcoming years, and this will bring with it an upsurge in roles and opportunities in both the childcare and insurance industries.

IBISWorld’s report, which was published in May 2015, coincided with the Australian government’s announcement that spending in childcare systems throughout the country would be increased by $3.5 billion AUD while statutory parental leave requirements would be reduced.

The Market

According to IBISWorld, the birth rate in Australia will increase by around 6.4% by 2019-2020, representing a significant increase on the previous years’ average growth of 2.9%.

This announcement came as good news for small businesses that operate in the childcare industry, including long day care, family daycare, and before and after-school care, with revenues in the childcare sector expected to increase by as much as 34.8% annually, from $9 billion per year between 2014 and 15 to $12 billion by 2019-20. Of these, pre-school children of around three and four years old will represent the biggest demographic.

Where we came in

Qualify me is a highly reputable education facilitator of childcare courses in Australia such as Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care as that are specifically designed to meet current and future industry needs. The increasing demand for childcare services in combination with recent government reforms means that qualified childcare personnel is in more demand than ever before.

According to existing research, 90% of four-year-old children require some form of care. To meet rising demand, there is a need for the development and implementation of more long-term strategies by which qualified childcare workers can be recruited and trained and to develop opportunities that entail that careers in this sector are fulfilling, valued, and sufficiently compensated.
According to Matt Hodges from Randstad Education, Australia’s biggest recruiter in the childcare sector, demand is high for quality trained staff, and that more and more organisations are seeking qualified childhood teachers.

Matt highlighted how it is essential that investment is made in the childcare industry to ensure the demands of the future can be met. Many organisations are now offering childcare facilities in a bid to attract employees of the highest caliber. To achieve this, they need access to qualified and trained personnel. Matt also described how some areas of Australia; for example, Canberra, are extremely competitive and may suffer from resource shortages.

It is clear to everybody that the industry is set to undergo some significant changes and developments in the next few years and it will be interesting to see what happens next.

How to take advantage of this trend

Individuals who will have qualifications in the provision of childcare will have access to a large number of job opportunities in a variety of different roles and settings. The Australian Government’s Australian Jobs portal provides detailed listings of all current vacancies in early childhood education.

Take a look at our Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care to learn more about the learning opportunities that are available and how they can help you to secure well-paid employment in industries throughout Australia.

For more details, get in touch with the Qualify Me team today.

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