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Let qualify me, qualify you
Let qualify me, qualify you
Building- Construction -Electrical Licence - Qualify Me Sydney Trades Qualification

Tradie : Fall in Love with the Right Tradie

Tradie : Most Aussies love a good renovation challenge or have dreams about that one project build they’d
love to see.

According to studies by NSW Fair Trading, Tradie complaints and lack of staying power
leave most home-owners heartbroken and financially burdened with higher repair costs.

So how do you make the choice that leads to Mr. (or Ms.) Right Tradie?

It comes down to selecting the BEST Tradies that care about YOU having the BEST experience ever!

Here are the Top 3 Tips for Finding the right Tradie for you!

1. Source Tradies from trusted sources

Beware of using online trade networks in chosing your Tradie. Look for ones with strict vetting
controls over their Tradies. Work only with reputable Tradie providers that have long established
relationships with tried and tested Tradies and can actually tell you about them.

Ask for referrals from loved ones of Tradies they have worked with in the past to ensure the Tradie will take care of you.

2. Talk to your Tradie

Don’t be afraid to ask your Tradie questions about the types of projects they’ve worked with in
the past. You can ask them for referrals and testimonials to ensure of previous works they’ve

An open conversation will result in a more productive output and an effective working
relationship with your Tradie.

3. Check their previous relationships

Research your tradie. Check information on their previous jobs, especially large jobs like
building, landscaping, decks etc. Ask for addresses and client details and take the time to see the
work and speak to the customer about the experience.

If a Tradie isn’t prepared to let you do these….red flag! This spells commitment issues – run!

We hope you will have a good experience with your Tradie.

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