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Let qualify me, qualify you
Let qualify me, qualify you
Construction -Electrical Licence - Qualify Me Sydney Trades Qualification

plumbers licence : Get your plumbers licence

plumbers licence : Want to get started as a plumber? Here's some pointers on what's what.

Description           A Plumber’s scope of work covers designing, installing, testing, and maintaining pipes , fixtures, metal roofing, fittings and gas services.  They install equipment such as boilers, pumps, heating and cooling systems, natural gas appliances, water tanks and solar water heating systems
Typical duties
  • prepare and/or study drawings and specifications to work out the requirements of plumbing systems and materials needed;
  • find and mark position for connections, then cut holes through walls and floors to accommodate pipes, measure pipes and mark cutting or bending lines;
  • cut, thread and bend pipes, assemble and install piping, valves and fittings, join pipe sections and secure them;
  • test lines as required by local plumbing regulations;
  • install equipment such as boilers, pumps, heating and cooling systems, gas appliances, water tanks, water heaters, solar water heating systems, fixtures such as toilets, wash basins and industrial processing units;
  • maintain and repair plumbing systems.


  • enjoy practical work;
  • good hand-eye coordination;
  • able to work in a team and independently;
  • able to work at heights and in various weather conditions;
  • physically fit;
  • good interpersonal skills;
  • good mobility.
  • Certificate III in Plumbing
  • Certificate IV in Plumbing
Job prospects Most plumbers are employed by plumbing firms that do small domestic plumbing and repair work.  Many are employed by large plumbing firms and some work directly for the building industry on new constructions.  Plumbers may also be self-employed.  Plumbers may also work for State Government departments concerned with public works.Usually demand is linked with activity in the construction industry.  However, unlike other building trades, downturns in building activity may have less effect on plumbers because of the work available in renovation and maintenance.  Demand is also more stable because, by law, certain jobs must be performed by licenced plumbers.
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