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Let qualify me, qualify you
Let qualify me, qualify you
Great Customer Service Leads To Returning Customers

Great Customer Service Leads To Returning Customers

While being great at your craft and delivering results might seem like a one-way ticket to success, ensuring a pleasant exchange with your clients is equally as valuable. 

For many customers, offering a glowing review after you have completed the service, means more than simply getting the job done. Good service is about ensuring the seamless journey from when you first answer the call, to when you organise the quote and follow up with them when the job was complete.

Gone are the days when industry experts were few and far between – in today’s congested market where online advertisements mean immediate feedback at one’s fingertips, customer service is more than just a smile once the invoice is paid. Remember, a poor review can be equally detrimental to your businesses’ image and longevity.

Every facet of your work contributes to the quality of the product. When your customers tell their friends how impressed they were with your service, they’re not just talking about the finished result, they’re describing how professional you were, how you treated them and how you made sure they were satisfied. 

While it might be easy for business owners to prioritise customer service, it’s also important to ensure that the entire company upholds the business standard for a consistent experience across the board. One way to do this is by creating a workplace environment where employees hold each other to a high standard and managers provide important feedback to encourage staff to reflect on their performance. 

“Do you have a culture that encourages your people to look after your customers or your customers’ employees?” Jon Dale says on his website, Small Fish.

“It’s worth doing – worth investing in making this happen, isn’t it? It costs little to look after people and look at the goodwill that comes back. Make it systematic – make it happen every time.”

It’s not just referrals on the line when you complete a job, chances are your clients will have other issues around the home, or somewhere down the line they’re going to need their toilet unblocked again. Customer service is key to securing recurring business.  

The beauty of establishing a record of great customer service is the flow-on effect to your business’ long-term future and growth. The benefit of this is that as a result your business has the potential to become a subscription model with a strong, loyal and reoccurring client base.

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