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Let qualify me, qualify you
Let qualify me, qualify you
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Information Technology : Information Technology in Sydney, Australia

Information Technology : Working within the information technology industry continuously presents new and exciting challenges each day and let’s not forget to mention the rewards. There are an abundance of different types of information technology categories that you can work in, all of which primarily surround installation and management of computer systems, networking, information systems, troubleshooting and support systems, along with using cloud based and virtualised systems.

Information technology (IT) is unarguably one of the most rapidly expanding and changing industries in Sydney, Australia. Sydney’s business employers are continuously on the look out for workers who possess up to date knowledge and are able to provide a dynamic skillset within the IT sector.

The IT courses offered through Qualify Me can ensure that you have the expertise and up to date skills that you will need, regardless if you are new to IT, or would like your current skills refreshing with new knowledge. We have many locations (including of course online study) in which you can study your IT courses and we will provide you will all the support and information you need.


Qualify Me will help you launch your career with the help of our IT courses:

Now that we know that the IT industry in Sydney, Australia is continuously evolving and developing, let’s take a look at the benefits that be taken advantage of when working in such a fast paced and rewarding industry.


Continuous Change

The information technology industry is continuously developing, evolving and changing. Whether you decide to be a developer for a small or large company, or perhaps you’re in a management position, freelancing, or even networking; the world of IT is changing constantly. Just think, some of the most popular things in IT right now are mobile and tablet computing, cloud systems, and of course, social networking. None of these were prominent just a few years ago. These things helps to keep the industry alive and exciting.


Great Pay

One of the primary reasons that individuals choose to work within the IT industry is usually the money aspect. Information technology is a career path that is known to pay fairly well, not just in Sydney but also across the globe. Depending on the employer, the demand for individuals skilled in IT, and other contributing factors, typically result in good salaries.

High Demand

Many companies in Sydney (and around the world) need IT work done. With many businesses using an abundance of network systems, the internet and software management systems to simply operate, having an employee skilled in IT has been significantly proven to save money for them. As a result, this means there is often an abundance of work needing to be done.

Valued Employee Skills

Working professionally within the IT industry, successfully, requires a form of education in the sector. This education is seen as a highly valued skill with employers. Performing any sort of work in IT often requires a particular level of skill and knowledge, which can typically be seen as difficult to others who may possess little or no knowledge of IT. Therefore it’s appreciated. Keep in mind this could be skills that are specific to your particular job role or skills for the IT industry overall. Nevertheless, they are valued.


The life of an IT professional is challenging. Due to the above point of constant change, and also due to expectations of your role and deadlines that have been set, there is a level of challenge to most roles in IT. However, this can be very rewarding! And that’s a reason why the pay is good!

Varied Roles

There are many different roles as an IT professional you could be involved in. You could work as a system administrator, or be involved in security or networking, which is a large field in itself. You could be a software developer, and there are many technologies to specialise in, or to learn. Other roles such as analysis, or management, can be just as varied, which means it’s easier to find a role that suits you. If you’re not sure what to specialise in, try creating a career plan to give yourself an idea.

Help People

Working in IT has the advantage of helping people in one way or another. If you’re in a support role, for example, you help people by fixing their problems or providing solutions for areas of their work. If you’re a developer, you create solutions for their needs. If you’re an analyst, you find out what the customer or user wants and ensure the solution is created in that way. This can bring satisfaction in itself and is another little-known reason for why working in information technology.

Convenience of Location

Related to the point above about working in an office, most office jobs are in a centralised location or central business district. This can be convenient for getting personal things done and for socialising. Banks, post offices, shops, restaurants, bars and cafes are usually common in the locations where offices are, which makes it easier to run errands in your work day, or catch up with friends or family after your working day!

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