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Let qualify me, qualify you
Let qualify me, qualify you
Qualify Me Sydney Trades Qualification

Invest Now, Be Rewarded Later

Taking the leap from part-time side hustle to full time business owner can certainly seem daunting. After all, for many, that includes throwing away the security blanket of a weekly wage and other perks. But with the right investment, any new venture has the potential to thrive. 

When you do finally take that plunge, it’s easy to get frustrated by a lack of immediate success. We all expect to become overnight millionaires, right? That’s one of the reasons we start our own company – the freedom. But regardless of the business idea or the side gig, one sentiment stands true: put the effort in now and be rewarded later. Also, do check out our Business Startup Assistance Package Page

Smallfish tradesman business coach, Jon Dale knows all about investment. But he’s not just referring to the amount of money you pour into the business, he’s also a strong advocate of putting in the hard hours early on. 

Investing properly in building the right structure and systems into your business so it grows sustainably, takes time and effort – before you get the most of the benefit,” Dale says on his website.

“When you’ve done that work of investing properly and you get the results – the result is satisfying. That’s what we’re chasing – not quick wins.” 

Take commission-based roles as an example. The truth is your immediate work won’t prove fruitful early on – chances are it’ll crush your motivation. But the long-term benefits far outweigh any short- term discouragement. Be mindful that it could take months before you can expect to see any reward.

Online is no different – from using social media as a marketing tool to investing in Google programs, both take time before you start to see results. 

“If you’re a builder and you put your price up now and win a job tomorrow at the new price, start the build in a month and raise your first invoice, but you’re still building two jobs at the old price, you might not see much difference for six months,” adds Dale. 

Regardless of the industry you’re in, putting in the time and effort early on will pay dividends. And countless examples prove that it takes time to enjoy the fruits of your labour, so don’t be disheartened by a lack of immediate results. 

Looking to start your own business? Head to Qualify Me! to see how our team & a tradesman coach like Dale can give you the keys to success.

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