QBCC when do I and don’t I need a trade licence in QLD?

Licensing in QLD is fairly straight forward. He’s a short and clear explainer from the QBCC site for when you need and when you don’t need a licence. Trust you will find it helpful

“When you don’t need a licence

In certain circumstances, you don’t need a QBCC licence. This includes carrying out building work as:

  • an employee of a licensee where your employer holds the correct QBCC licence to cover the work you are doing. However, as an employee, you cannot carry out occupational building work or carry out work as a site supervisor unless you hold the appropriate licence
  • sub-trade contractor for a licensed trade contractor where the licensed trade contractor holds the correct QBCC licence to cover the work you are doing
  • an unlicensed person working in partnership with a licensee where the licensed partner holds the correct QBCC licence for the work you are doing. However, as an unlicensed partner, you cannot offer to tender or enter into a contract to carry out building work and you must meet QBCC’s fitness and propriety conditions
  • an owner carrying out work on your own property where the work is valued at no more than $11,000 or as an owner builder carrying out building work under a permit
  • an asbestos removal worker – contact Workplace Health & Safety
  • a demolition worker – contact Workplace Health & Safety
  • an insulation installer – the installation of home insulation in Queensland does not require an licence
  • an electrician carrying out electrical work (an electrician cannot carry out building work without a QBCC licence) – contact the Electrical Safety Office in Workplace Health & Safety
  • a handyman – as long as the value is no more than $3,300, isn’t electrical or plumbing work and doesn’t require an occupational licence.
  • an architect – carrying out building design work or building inspections on all types of buildings – contact Board of Architects Queensland

When you need a licence

In Queensland, individuals and companies must hold a QBCC licence to carry out:

  • any building work valued over $3,300
  • building work valued over $1,100 where it involves Hydraulic Services Design
  • building work of any value where it involves:
    • Drainage
    • Plumbing and Drainage
    • Gas Fitting
    • Termite Management – Chemical
    • Fire Protection
    • Completed Residential Building Inspection
    • Building Design – Low Rise, Medium Rise and Open
    • Site Classification.


  • The value of building work is the reasonable cost to a consumer of having the work carried out by a licensed contractor on the basis that materials, labour and GST are included, regardless of who supplies the materials. This can sometimes be referred to as the ‘market value’.
  • A trust cannot obtain a QBCC licence. The trustee of the trust must apply for the licence.
  • Registered architects are able to carry out building design work and perform building inspections on all types of buildings.  To check if your architect is registered, visit www.boaq.qld.gov.au

Licence classes

The scope of work for each QBCC licence class outlines the range of building work for that class. The building work you do must be covered by your licence. For some work, you may need more than one licence class.

Do employees need a licence?

If you are overseeing work that involves plumbing and drainage, gas fitting, pest control or fire protection, you need a QBCC licence regardless of the value of the work.

If you are an employee, you don’t need a licence unless you become responsible for:

  • Overseeing and directing the building work.
  • Ensuring the work is of a competent standard, i.e. free of defects.
  • Ensuring the work complies with the plans and specifications.”

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    1. Hi Sefo,

      It is best to contact the QLD licensing regulator and they will be able to advise what your requirements are.

  1. I’m a qualified painter and want to do an RPL on Solid Plastering but don’t have an extensive experience in that subject working for other companies. Most of what I know I have picked it up by doing small render repair work for myself. I also have a Cert IV in Building. Are you guys able to let me know if I would qualify before I make any payments towards the course?
    You can learn more about my work at http://www.paintmyproperty.com.au

  2. Hi my name is Eric I have been involved in blinds and awnings and security doors and grills installations for the past 30 years I have my own little business and I am wanting to be licensed my wife does all my accounting and books I do all sales and installations I have never been in trouble with building authority i have never been asked to present license of any kind but would appreciate being licensed please

  3. Hello, I own a small earthmoving and excavation company in QLD, do i need a licence to manage civil projects such as a sub division ?

  4. Hi, Andy here. I’m living in New Zealand and moving to Queensland in the near future to work in construction as a supervisor.
    What are the requirements I need to carry out this type of work.
    I have an LBP license and working as a project manager for a major residential building company.
    Hoping you can lead me in the right direction

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